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In the current scenario every corporate has recognized human resources as most valuable asset. In any large scale organization, Human Resource Department has been given utmost importance. Any system can be proved effective only if the same has been structured properly. Lemon Consulting offers services of H.R. structuring & H.R. audit to address following issues:
  • Design of organizational hierarchy & structure.
  • Identification of authority & responsibilities amongst workers.
  • Preparation of job profile and job description of staff members.
  • Establishment of reporting and accountability structure amongst top, middle and lower level of management.
  • Design and implementation of reporting system at various level of management.
  • Identification of ideal span of management.
  • Designing various H.R. policies and procedures.
  • Audit to ensure proper functioning of H.R. Department.
  • Audit to ensure proper implementation & operation of various policies and procedures.
  • Re-structuring of existing H.R. structure.
  • Audit of performance appraisal system.
  • Identification of possible cost saving areas.
  • Structuring of maintenance and other support departments.

Our team of consultants has successfully carried out numerous H.R. assignments. To get the quotation of this service, kindly provide following information.

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