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Our Mission Statement:
"To partner with our clients to facilitate achievement of their strategic objectives through creative solution which integrate people, processes & technology."


=Excellence =Synergy =Growth
At Lemon Fundz, we put knowledge and experience to good use to preserve, nurture and nourish your wealth. For your today and tomorrow.

We are part of Lemon Consulting Pvt Ltd.. The knowledge pool of Lemon brings you global financial know-how and local market insight.

It is said that :"To acquire wealth is difficult, to preserve it more difficult, but to nourish it wisely, the most difficult of all."

Our commitment to excellence along with a roots up approach to research and analysis, coupled with technology driven processes has enabled us to excel at this challenging task and in a very short span of time we have emerged as one of the leading investment house.

"Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it"

We believe that the desire for knowledge increases with the acquisition of it. At Lemon Fundz we make the best use of intellect and expertise putting knowledge to good practice. As and when and where you need it.

For us the concept of perfect service is constantly expanding. This along with transparent business ethics, inspired and innovative solutions is what our investors have come to expect from us.

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Contact :-
Mrs. Viral Jogani,
GM - Lemon Fundz,
Cell: +91 98254 68183
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