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The Best Practice Principle (BPP) programme has been designed by Diamond Trading Company (DTC) for its sight holders. BPP has been designed to promote higher consumer confidence in diamonds. The object is to demonstrate to the pipeline partners, suppliers, consumers and society in general that the production of diamonds has been made in a professional, ethical, environment friendly and accountable way. Immense emphasis has been placed for compliance with Labour Laws and Health Safety related matters in BPP programme guidelines. BPP compliant companies would be benefited in the international market of diamonds. A BPP compliant company may command premium for its products.

For any company, to comply with requirements of BPP guidelines is a big challenge taking into consideration the fact that the diamond industry is one of the most unorganized industry. BPP guidelines require drastic changes in the structure and working of the company. To get  BPP compliant is not impossible but its implementation requires lot of professionalism, inputs of experts and drastic change in perceptions of management as well as workers. As a BPP consultant we would lead you towards implementation of BPP Assurance Programme. Our BPP consultancy services include Structuring as per BPP guidelines, BPP implementation, BPP documentation, BPP training, BPP internal audit and Preparation of audit workbook and sending it to SGS.

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