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FM Consulting ( PipeLine Integrity Assessment )

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) is extending the Forevermark Programme after receiving overwhelming response in its pilot programme in Hong Kong. The pilot programme, run by selected sightholders alongwith few retailers in Hong Kong generated good sales and enthusiasm.  

A forever mark is a registered trade mark symbol of DTC which is inscribed on the edges of the stone. A forever mark stands for integrity and value.

The pipeline integrity standard is a standard which, if followed, can be useful in demonstrating that the integrity of the diamond stone is maintained throughout the processing cycle. This requires establishing forward and backward tracking mechanisms to trace the diamond from its origin till its final destiny i.e. as a polished diamond in the hands of the consumer. As a FM consultant we would help in implementation of FM. Our FM consultancy services help you in structuring as per FM guidelines, FM implementation, FM documentation, FM training, FM Assessment & preparation of assessment report/checklist and sending it to SGs.     

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